[jadmin] List of all connected users on jabberd 1.4

Steve Ramage jadminspammedme at sjrx.net
Mon Oct 3 02:20:34 CDT 2005


In Psi you can right click on your account, go to Admin, then Online
Users. You make reference to an iq stanza producing an error, you NEED,
HAVE, MUST, REQUIRE, PREREQUISITE, DEMAND, admin rights on the server, I
can't remember where it is in 1.4.x, but in the config file there is
admin jid's and they can view the sessions. (Assuming 1.4.x supports it,
which I'm 99.9% sure it does).

Steve R

John Talbot wrote:

> Is there no way to get a list of all connected users on jabberd 1.4,
> apart from looking at the users' spool directory? (The iq stanza
> described by the protocol produces an error code on 1.4.3)
> Is there a way to see if a particular users is online, except looking
> at that user's .xml file?
> Hi all.
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