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Patrick Barnes patrick.barnes at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 18:31:21 CDT 2005


On 10/5/05, Paul Curtis <pfc at terrapin.com> wrote:

> > Running tcpdump against port 5050 shows some initial traffic flow
> > between the Jabber transport and the Y!MSGR server, but the client
> > never becomes available on the Yahoo server.

> This looks to be a configuration error with the Yahoo! transport. Make
> sure the <secret> in the Yahoo transport config file and the <secret> on
> the jabberd 2.0 router (I'm assuming jabberd 2.0 as your Jabber server)
> are the same.

I've attached my yahoo.xml configuration file.

Here are the relevant sections of my jabber.xml:

<service type="yahoo" jid="yahoo.my.hostname.com" name="Yahoo! Transport">

<service id="yahoo-linker">

> Check to make sure that the <server> tags in the yahoo-jabber.xml config
> file is 'scs.msg.yahoo.com' ... the default config file I included in
> the tar file has the incorrect Yahoo! server name.

Yeah, I had change this previously. I've actually gone ahead and
packaged everything as a SRPM (This is jabberd 1.4.4, btw) and made
sure the y! server was correct.

Any ideas?

AFAICR, this used to work... but that was on another machine. I redid
the config from scratch so must've screwed something up.

Thanks for your help! :)

> Paul

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