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Rodrigo Monteiro mrodrigox at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 12:36:55 CDT 2005

(sorry about the english)

The IM (Jabber) here in an Brazilian State's Network
of some Secretaries (Corporational use only), have
about 4000 users (700 of them logs everyday).

--- Êþóôáò Èïõêõäßäçò <kthoukydides at fokas.gr> wrote:

> Due to corporate bullshit, they are thinking of
> making me shut down the server I just recently
> configured. They believe that users are wasting time
> on chat (nevermind that I only installed exodus on
> select users and most of them don't even have anyone
> in their contact list but me).

You can do that, install only for a selected group of

> So now I find that I need to convince them that
> users will not be chatting or messaging each other
> if needed.(nevermind the fact that they can do that
> with email anyway).

I know just what you're talking about. Here was the
same think.

> I need to know if there is a way to :
> * prevent a user from using the chat function

If you can do that, what is the point of IM?

> * Allow the user to message only specific users

See below.

> * Prevent the user from adding new contacts to
> his/her list (this is probably exodus related but if
> you know...)

If you use the storage in a database (like MySQL) you
can limit the user that the IM use to connect to it,
not allowing it to insert in this table. And always
that you create a new user you connect to the DB with
an user that have the rights to insert in the table
and them insert the roster's user in it.
Resuming, too many work for an stupid thing.
I don't know, it's  just a thought. Don't know if the
server crash after these erros.

> And really any other relative prevention method you
> can think off. 

One prevention is not allow the trade any of files.
Not for security reasons, network too. Imagine them
sending an movie to an friend?

> Also if you can think of any good reasons on why an
> IM system is good for the workplace, I would
> appreciate it.

Some people said, but i'll say what i think is the
advantage of IM:
- Avoid the time wasting for walk to another office,
or even building.
- The phone will be more available, because the people
can talk to many other people at the same time.
- They can talk to other people in real time, not like
- Copy and paste, or send an file (even though the
e-mail can do that, but the receiver don't check his
e-mail often, like one check for hour during the day).
In the IM, they can receive instantly. And over the
phone, no way!
- Reduce phone bill in some cases.
- You can access it outside the office (via web), or
anywhere you're at.
- You can see if the person you want to talk is there
- Over the world, the organizations sees the Instat
Messenger as a tool for increase productivity.

This is some reasons that crossed my mind right now.

hope that helped you,
Rodrigo Monteiro

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