[jadmin] User Rights and Prevention

Κώστας Θουκυδίδης kthoukydides at fokas.gr
Fri Oct 7 00:32:26 CDT 2005

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Κώστας Θουκυδίδης wrote:
>> Due to corporate bullshit, they are thinking of making me shut down
>> the server I just recently configured. They believe that users are
>> wasting time on chat (nevermind that I only installed exodus on
>> select users and most of them don't even have anyone in their contact
>> list but me).
> Sounds like it's time for a new job. ;-)

Well, it's the best one I've had of yet, which of course tells of the quality of the IT jobs around here.
IM is a side project of mine that I expected would be greeted warmly but alas. Techno-illiterates once again to the rescue!

>> So now I find that I need to convince them that users will not be
>> chatting or messaging each other if needed.(nevermind the fact that
>> they can do that with email anyway).
> God forbid that employees should communicate with each other!

"Oh noes! Now the unworthy bastards we employ will have more ways not to work. The sky is falling!"

I mean, does the management always trust their employees so little? Do they need to show everyone just how little they think of them?

>> I need to know if there is a way to : * prevent a user from using the
>> chat function * Allow the user to message only specific users *
>> Prevent the user from adding new contacts to his/her list (this is
>> probably exodus related but if you know...)
> What's the point of IM then?

Well, one thing that stuck them weirdly was "The C Word". The moment they heard "Chat" they thought "Bad Thing", so if I can tell them "Look, if we want to, no chat, only messages" they may give some leeway until they can't live without it. :)
Preventing the user to add more to his list, will also give me an excuse on why people can't chat. They'll only have me and one or two other IT staff on their contact list. None of their friends.

>> And really any other relative prevention method you can think off.
>> Also if you can think of any good reasons on why an IM system is good
>> for the workplace, I would appreciate it.
> Well, all the Wall Street investment banks use it for their trading
> desks so that they can make lots of money (for example).
> Forward-thinking organizations all over the world are using IM to be
> more productive and gain competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the
> corporation you work for does not seem to be a forward-thinking
> organization...

That's interesting. Can you give me some examples of corporations/enterprises that use IM and advertise/don't hide that fact. It would help if I could say "Look, so-an-so is using it and they've got 1000 more people than us."

> Peter

And thanks for all the ideas too.
Money does not bring happiness, but it does repel misery.

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