[jadmin] Which server? jabberd 2.0, ejabberd, or Jive?

Rodrigo Monteiro mrodrigox at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 06:34:35 CDT 2005

I use Jive Messenger.
It's MUCH more simple the to install and administrate
and it have almost all the features that the others
have. One thing that it's better than the others if
the Web Console for the administrative tasks, you can
configure everything you need.
And all the features that is out-of-box is plugins,
you just have to copy to the directory and configure
in the console.
Here we have 4000 users, authentication and storage in
MySQL. Until today, don't have any problems.
In the forum
the developers and others help you in almost
everything you need, this is the most reason why my
choice was Jive...
hope that helped you,

--- Paolo Perazzo <paolo_perazzo at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to decide which server would be the most
> suitable to run my IM 
> application. I'd like to understand better the
> difference between jabberd 
> 2.0, ejabberd and Jive (i think these 3 are the main
> ones, please suggest 
> any other valid alternative). Which one do you
> reccomend? Why? What are the 
> main pro and contra of each one of them? Who do you
> think will be supported 
> and developed the most (remaining open source), long
> term? My application is 
> gonna run on linux.
> Thanks for your help and best regards,
> Paolo
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