[jadmin] Which server? jabberd 2.0, ejabberd, or Jive?

KWermann at misti.com KWermann at misti.com
Mon Oct 10 11:46:28 CDT 2005

Many of those points are good on eJabberD. But as stated, we don't have 
the manpower resources required to deal with some of the items on eJabberD 
that you mentioned. Additionally, unless it has changed, last I checked, 
eJabberD is still numbered as if it is in beta. I could be wrong on that 
and it may be a great system, but anything below a 1.0 is usually not 
considered a deployable application in a business environment. I know this 
is a matter of opinion, I don't want to argue it here, so don't flame me 
on this.

The SSL connection issues are a client side problem, IMHO the server 
should work with whatever SSL libraries are used on the client end. I 
don't believe the Jabber specs call for the use of a specific library over 
another, which would leave this burden on the server programmers to ensure 
their libraries work with all client libraries, or at least the more 
common ones. I mention it because it doesn't appear to occur with JabberD 
or eJabberD, but does with Jive. Be careful, if your environment requires 
a specific client, it may not work with Jive without the client being 
recompiled. You may find the need for that client requires you to use 
JabberD or eJabberD,

Best Regards,

Ken Wermann

jadmin-bounces at jabber.org wrote on 10/10/2005 11:28:42 AM:

> On Ma, oktober 10, 2005 15:52, KWermann at misti.com wrote:
> > We don't use eJabberD because we don't need to scale for thousands of
> > users.
> /me uses ejabberd on a server that has only three real users...while 
> is at least one server with more than 160,000 users. So, scalability do
> not means that you *only* can use it on (very) big hosts.
> > We recently looked at JabberD 2 and Jive Messenger and decided to
> > use Jive, here's why:
> >
> > 1 - We are a small shop. We don't have alot of time to mess with 
> > dedicated Linux box (as much as we love it and regardless of the many
> > arguments against my claim, Linux does take more admin and any intern 
> > feel comfortable on Windows server).
> * All Linux distributions: download the Linux installer, make it
> executable, and run it (very similar to the Jive Messenger installer but 
> much smaller download).
> * FreeBSD: portinstall ejabberd
> * Debian: apt-get install ejabberd
> > 2 - Jive provides a built-in web based administration console. JabberD
> > doesn't have this out of the box.
> ejabberd also has a web interface.
> > 3 - Jive gives us the option to move to Linux or Windows out of the 
> > We don't need to install anything like Cygwin on Windows and deal with 
> > problems that so often exist in that confiuration.
> Because Java is not open like Erlang, you will probably be able to run 
> on more different systems.
> > 4 - Jive provides built in logging functions easily accessible from 
> > admin interface.
> Not as easy as Jive in ejabberd.
> > 5 - With Jive I didn't need to separately install or modify Apache or 
> > to get the web interface going. Built-in goodness.
> Same for ejabberd.
> > 6 - MUC is built in and does not require a MUC component be added to 
> > server.
> Idem ditto for ejabberd.
> > 7 - Support from the Jive Messenger guys is pretty quick and people 
> > very friendly over there.
> Depends on the time zone.
> > 8 - For small installs, the application comes with the ability to use 
> > HSQL database (similar to that used in OpenOffice?) to store user 
> > Besides having the ability to store users in XML, MySQL, or 
> Similar for ejabberd. However, the ejabberd database (Mnesia) should 
> better (clustering features).
> > Now, for the cons:
> >
> > - Many components for JabberD do not quite integrate easily yet with 
> There are tutorials to help you install transports when you use ejabberd 
> http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/tutorials-transports ). Most parts of these
> tutorials can be helpful too in case you use Jive Messenger, jabberd 
> jabberd2,...
> > - SSL setup (using self-signed SSL certificates) on Jive is a freaking
> > nightmare. It seems like just about everyone that has tried it has had
> > problems and there are tons of posts on the Jive message boards about
> > this. It works, but took forever to figure out after searching and 
> > to the message boards for a few days. That said, I know the guys over
> > there are aware of this and are working to make this alot easier.
> I do not hear similar complaints about this regarding ejabberd.
> > - Because of the SSL implementation of some Jabber Clients (Mozilla vs 
> > libraries), not all clients will work with Jive (GAIM on Windows, 
> > but many others do such as Pandion, GAIM on Linux, and JAJC. It 
depends on
> > the SSL libraries used when the client is compiled. That is why Gaim 
> > on Linux but not Windows. So know what client you would like to use. 
In my
> > environment we run MACs, Windows, and Linux but do not use a single 
> > across all platforms such as GAIM. Instead we run Adium on Mac, 
Pandion on
> > Windows, and GAIM on Linux.
> Isn't this a client issue?
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