[jadmin] Which server? jabberd 2.0, ejabberd, or Jive?

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Mon Oct 10 14:31:30 CDT 2005

Op maandag 10 oktober 2005 18:46, schreef KWermann at misti.com:
> Many of those points are good on eJabberD. But as stated, we don't have
> the manpower resources required to deal with some of the items on eJabberD
> that you mentioned. Additionally, unless it has changed, last I checked,
> eJabberD is still numbered as if it is in beta. I could be wrong on that
> and it may be a great system, but anything below a 1.0 is usually not
> considered a deployable application in a business environment. I know this
> is a matter of opinion, I don't want to argue it here, so don't flame me
> on this.

It is very common for open-source projects to have stable releases that have a 
version number that looks like beta software in the world of commercial 
software. Some facts that might give you an indication of the stability of 
* jabber.ru, a big server with more than 2000 concurrent online users in 
peaks, is running ejabberd from the Subversion repository (so the development 
* You can get commercial support for ejabberd.

> it may not work with Jive without the client being
> recompiled. You may find the need for that client requires you to use
> JabberD or eJabberD,

The better is always to use a real XMPP compliant Jabber client and to drop 
that buggy client ;-) Sending a patch to the buggy client project is also OK 
of course.


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