[jadmin] Scalability - Commercial solution the only way (?)

ahecox at uchicago.edu ahecox at uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 10 19:21:12 CDT 2005

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005, Paolo Perazzo wrote:

> Thanks all for the interesting debate on the server options. I thought it 
> would have been good to create a new thread for this topic even if kinda 
> related to the previous. Reading around, my understanding is that if you 
> wanna have a very scalable solution, MSN, Yahoo, AIM like to support millions 
> of users, the only solution today is going through a commercial solution. 
> Ejabberd seems to be the closest open source solution, but still not ready 
> for that probably (again, correct me if i'm wrong)
> - Do you have any suggestion for commercial solutions that can scale that 
> much?
> - Do you know btw what google talk is based on? They talk about jabber 
> server, but it might be a generic term
> - Beside "Jabber Server Farming How-To", 
> http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Jabber-Server-Farming-HOWTO.html, is 
> there any effort in the open source community to design a scalable solution, 
> in terms of software and hardware architecture. Is the effort big or it's 
> just a matter of replicating the servers on multiple machine, have some load 
> balancing and virtual server functionality in front of it (I know i'm 
> simplifying) or it's something more complicated? What are the pieces that are 
> missing today? I think this would be a very interesting task, from an 
> architectural and design perspective.
> - Do we know how the big guys are implementing their scalable solutions?

How far do you need to scale? We're planning a jive deployment and tested 
to ensure scalability to 25k concurrent users with their software. A 
couple of JVM options and a 64 bit machine with plenty of memory and we 
were able to reach that goal with a relatively modest (< 10k) box.

Obviously their architecture will scale even better in the future, as 
Matt's already pointed.


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