[jadmin] Recent Yahoo Changes / Transport issues ?

Florian 'fh' Holzhauer holzhauer at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 11:09:02 CDT 2005

Hi everybody,

those errors have been experienced on some other servers. According to
the gdb output was there some kind of endless loop in yahoo.c. This part
is a port from the Gaim sources, and Gaim itself had some improvements
since regarding the yahoo protocol. I've "ported" those small changes to
yahoo-gateway 2.3.2, and there were no problems since, so I guess that this
did fix it (although there is no warranty for anything ;)). See
http://fholzhauer.de/drops/yahoo.c for the new version - just place it
in the
source-directory of the yahoo-gate, and recompile it.
Hope this helps as a hotfix until Paul does it nice and proper. :-)

xmpp: fh at jabber.ccc.de

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