[jadmin] jabber proxy setup?

Mark Hannessen mark at nperfection.com
Sun Oct 16 06:04:18 CDT 2005

hi list,

In our network we are currently running two local jabber servers.

jabber.nperfection.com on
jabber.khadgarsrage.com on

currently these two jabber servers are only internally used.

now we have gone through some changes and I would like to make these jabber 
servers availible to the internet to the internet as well. trouble is.. we 
only have one internet ip. for various reasons I cannot merge both servers 
into one server. (mainly because of internal policy)

now I thought perhaps it would be possible to do this through some sort of 
proxy, but I haven't found any information about this.

does anyone know if such a thing is doable?


Mark Hannessen

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