[jadmin] s2s only vs scalable and clustered jabber network

Paolo Perazzo paolo_perazzo at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 19 03:37:39 CDT 2005


i was wondering what are the difference of implementing a network of 
multiple servers only talking to each other w/ s2s vs a truly scalable and 
custered solution that for example project Pampero for Jive or ejabberd are 
trying to achieve.

s2s only based solution
- Multiple domains (server1.com, server2.com, etc)
- Multiple databases
- No high-availabity (if one server fails, all the users connected to it 
experience downtime until the server comes back up)

Truly scalable solution
- Single domain (sort of load balance module in front of the server farm)
- Single database
- High-availability (if one server fails, all the users connected are gonna 
re-connect right away to another server, imited downtime)

Am I missing something else? What is the main disadvantage of multiple 
databases vs one? I don't see a big deal there, but I don't wanna miss 

What are the main difference between Pampero vs ejabberd in terms of 
architecture? Is it true that Pampero follow the same model of Google Talk 


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