[jadmin] Jabber server with message log and file-transfer control

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Wed Oct 19 15:17:57 CDT 2005

Hi Luigi!

On 19.10.2005 09:52, Luigi Palmiero wrote:

> Hi guys,
> i'm searching for a Jabber server with two importants features:
> - message logs
> - file-transfer control
> I'm actually using Jabberd 1.4.x that have the first feature only 
> using bandersnatch, but haven't any possibility of control over 
> file-transfer.
> I'm working in a big organization that has necessity of this two features.

jabberd 1.4.4 supports the first without bandersnatch as well.

What do you want to control for the file-transfer? "control" does not 
tell what you want to do.

Tot kijk

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