[jadmin] How do you solve the problem of an intranet Jabber server being visible both from inside & outside?

John Talbot jtalbot at proionta.gr
Thu Oct 20 05:42:04 CDT 2005

When a small company with 1 public IP address (static) wants to have a 
Jabber server in its LAN, and wants it to be accessible by s2s,
what is the right setup for this system?

The setup that I have come up with so far is the following:

I make a public talk.companyname.com subdomain to the company's public 
IP address
On the modem/router I setup 5269 to be port-forwarded to the machine 
that holds Jabber
I setup jabberd's xml configuration file to have "talk.companyname.com" 
as hostname
I setup the hosts file on every computer in the company, to map 
talk.companyname.com to the internal IP address of the Jabber machine.

Is there a different setup I could do, to avoid the last step (which is 
Or is this the setup that everyone does?


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