[jadmin] How do you solve the problem of an intranet Jabber server being visible both from inside & outside?

John Talbot jtalbot at proionta.gr
Thu Oct 20 13:15:27 CDT 2005

All machines have static IPs, no DHCP.

It's the ADSL modem/router that acts as a DNS resolver to the company's 
machines queries. It even resolves local names to local IPs as a 
feature, as long as all the local machines share the same domain (which 
at present is set to .localnet). I guess the simplest solution here is 
to change this domain to .companyname.com and then I'm done.

I am also wondering how easy it will be to setup Jabber at other companies.

So in the worst (and quite common) case scenario, that a company uses 
DHCP from a modem that doesn't also provide DNS services, the only 
workaround at present would seem to be to setup a new DHCP & DNS server 
on a cheap linux box.

Thanks for your reply.

KWermann at misti.com wrote:
> Hi John,
> I see your problem. I am not sure of the resources within the company, 
> but perhaps you could setup an internal DNS server. Are the IP 
> addresses static or issued via DHCP by your router? Are you using a 
> DHCP server such as a Windows or Linux Server to assign IP addresses? 
> And if you are, can you reveal the version of the operating system 
> (i.e. Windows 2003 Server, Red Hat Linux vX, Fedora Core v.X, etc.).
> If you are using the later, the DHCP server, I would add DNS services 
> to that server. If you are using Windows Server this is extremely 
> easy. If you are using Linux, its a little harder, but hey, you 
> compiled Jabber so I am sure you can manage DNS in Linux.
> If you are using the router/firewall to provide IP's check the router 
> documentation to see if you can provide DNS services through the 
> router. Odds are you can't, but you never know. If not, I would move 
> your DHCP and DNS to a stand alone server. If money is an issue and 
> you have an old box, an install of linux without the GUI would run 
> nicely.
> If you are using static IP addresses, odds are that you are not using 
> your own DNS server.
> If you have any questions about what I recommended, please ask.
> Ken Wermann

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