[jadmin] problems between jabberd2 and tipic client

Mauritz Antunes mauritz at brasnet.org
Mon Oct 24 15:39:24 CDT 2005


The last Tipic client - www.tipic.com - have VoIP and Video
conferencing. I'm trying connect the last version (TipicIM v.RC5
1.7.0) in my jabberd2 server and got this error:

Oct 19 20:25:55 irc jabberd/c2s(81680): (9) (, port=2103) connect
Oct 19 20:25:56 irc jabberd/c22(81680): (9) packet sent before session
start, closing stream
Oct 19 20:25:56 irc jabberd/c2s(81680): (9) (,
port=2103) disconnect

I can connect my server normaly with other clients like: Rymbox,
Pandion, Gaim, JAJC, NeosMT, Jeti, Trillian, etc.. With and without
SSL. And I got the same problem with others jabberd2 servers like:
jaim.at, jabberafrica.org and jabber-hispano.org

Does anyone know the solution to this error? I try contact Tipic Staff
by email and forum and got no answer.. :(


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