[jadmin] differentiated karma in jabber

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Thu Oct 27 19:41:12 CDT 2005

> I'm using jabber 1.4.3 and I have a problem with it's karma mechanism.
> What I need is a system where I can specify something like karma
> settings, but also define a set of netmask IPs that would have unlimited
> access? For example, there could be additional tags in the config that
> would look like something this
> <karmaExemptions>
> <exempt netmask=""/>
> <exempt netmask=""/>
> <exempt netmask=""/>
> </karmaExemptions>

Hmm... you _could_ do it by IP address I guess, but another way to think
about this is to do it by JID.

For instance, ejabberd can apply karma rules based on ACLs, and you can
create ACLs based on parts of the JID (including regular expressions over
the parts of the JID.)  This does include servers, and presumably (I have
not tested this myself) a component would be treated the same way.

There is also a patch floating around on the ejabberd to make it capable
of supporting Flash's crazy ideas about XML.


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