[jadmin] Jabberd 2 and Share Contacts

Steve Ramage jadminspammedme at sjrx.net
Sat Oct 29 04:45:10 CDT 2005

I'm to lazy to find the post, I wish someone would wiki it on the
jabberd2 site, but I'm too lazy.

I made a patch for jabberd2 mysql storage, that allows for global
contact lists. Basically  you edit storage_mysql.c and
'`collection-owner`='string to be global' to the body of the where
clause, and recompile.

Look in the archives tho, most of the previous times I'll post it.

Eduardo Rangel Thompson wrote:

> Hi!
>   I installed a Jabberd 2 into my office, and I would like to
> substitute the ICQ corp.  I created the all users....  But I need to
> share the contact list with all users ( all to all ).  How I could
> make this ?
>   How to I create a user groups ?
> Tks.
> Note:  I using:  Red Hat A.S. 3.0 and MySql.  I don´t use LDAP.
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