[jadmin] ejabberd and xmpppy Yahoo transport

Phil Reynolds phil at tinsleyviaduct.com
Sat Apr 1 04:41:41 CST 2006

I recently set up my own ejabberd-based Jabber server, and added
transports. For the record, I installed pyaimt, pyicqt and pymsnt
without difficulty.

I tried the method on the ejabberd web pages to install
yahoo-transport-2 and found it to be horrible! It was requiring
authorisation all the time.

Not surprisingly, I found xmpppy Yahoo transport and set that up -
without difficulty and I'm pleased to say it works well, though it would
please my other user if the mail notification events could be turned

I have noticed, though, that the Yahoo transport stopped running once.
All has been fine since I restarted it but it could well happen again.

Is this a known issue with this transport?

Are there keepalive routines and/or decent init scripts available for
all of the transports I have mentioned? I have cobbled something
together for now but it would be nice to do it with keepalive if

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