[jadmin] Installing a small Jabber network in a 50 users organization

Elad Messing elad at messing.co.il
Mon Apr 3 09:49:57 CDT 2006

Dear Members,
	I am new to the Jabber community, and would like to offer IM
services in the organization I work in.
	Its a small company of around 50 people.

	Now - among the requirements to the IM network is the ability to
manage the contact list in a centralized manner. So whenever a new employee
is joining the company, or leaving it - only 1 action is needed. I think
this is called "Roaster Management" ?

	My question are :
	1. Can this feature be implemented without one of the Jabber EIM
solutions ?
	2. If not - Would you recommend a specific product for usage in a
small company (I am currently looking at Wildfire, ejabberd, and Jabber XCP)
taking in mind cost issues?

	Thank you for your help !

Elad Messing

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