[jadmin] SRV problems.

Bas Driessen bas.driessen at xobas.com
Sun Apr 9 23:03:07 CDT 2006


I performed a standard jabberd2 installation on a Debian Sarge
(jabberd2-mysql 2.0s10-0bpo1) box. If I connect to this server using the
gajim client from a remote host, I can successfully create an account
and all appears to work fine. Let's say this server is called
jabber.foo.net Since I want addresses like abc at foo.com to be used, I
placed the following entries in the DNS of foo.com

; Jabber
_jabber._tcp            IN      SRV     5 0 5269 jabber.foo.net.
_xmpp-server._tcp       IN      SRV     5 0 5269 jabber.foo.net.
_xmpp-client._tcp       IN      SRV     5 0 5222 jabber.foo.net.

On jabber.foo.net, I edited the files /etc/jabberd2/c2s.xml and sm.xml
and changed the <id> to foo.com in both files.

I restarted the service (/etc/init.d/jabberd2 restart) and tried to
create an account with gajim. This time it failed with the error 'Could
not connect to "foo.com' (check your connection and try again).

Ok, well I confirmed that foo.com is resolvable and I can connect to it
using other services like ftp etc from a remote machine. When I check
with dig, all appears to be fine as well:

$ dig @foo.com _jabber._tcp.foo.com any +short
5 0 5269 jabber.foo.net.

$ dig @foo.com _xmpp-server._tcp.foo.com any +short
5 0 5269 jabber.foo.net.

$ dig @foo.com _xmpp-client._tcp.foo.com any +short
5 0 5222 jabber.foo.net.

However, nothing appears in any logfile (checked both the files
in /var/log/jabberd2 as well as syslog/messages files), so I can't find
out what is wrong. I am using SRV successfully from/to the same server
for SIP for instance, so that mechanism itself should be OK.

Would appreciate if anyone can help out. I guess the (overlapping)
questions are:

* Do I need to make additional changes in any file in /etc/jabberd2 to
get the setup as described to work?
* How can I isolate the SRV part and test if the port forwarding works
correctly? Are there some (SRV) test utilities out there?
* Are there any known problems in this area that should effect this
* Are there any problems/restrictions forwarding ports using SRV from
a .net to a .com domain?
* Are there any simple jabber command line clients/utilities out there
to test/debug the connection?

Thanks in advance for any help. 


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