[SOLVED] Re: [jadmin] Problem with specific usernames and jabberd 1.4

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Tue Apr 25 02:07:55 CDT 2006

Sascha Bendix schrieb:
>> I was using filesystem storage for storing people's spools, and from
>> time to time some user's spoolfile would suddenly either (a) vanish,
>> (b) become an empty file, or (c) become corrupt XML.
>> If you're using filesystem storage, check the XML file for that user,
>> it may have some clues.
> Yes, I'm using filesystem storage but the file was valid XML. Furthermore I 
> found out that there the file wasn't touch when the user wants to login and 
> there was no difference if there was a file or not.
> Seemingly the server has cached somthing and after I had shutdown all jabberd 
> processes and startet it again there was no login problem anymore - 
> confusing.
> Thanks for your help - it had showed me the right way.

Storage requests are cached. If someone tried to login to that account 
before it has been created, jabberd14 will cache that this account does 
not exists. Caching can be disabled in the xdb_file configuration section.

Tot kijk

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