[jadmin] <error code='502'>Server Connect Timeout</error>help

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Thu Apr 27 04:32:32 CDT 2006

陈 捷 schrieb:
> I am testing our Jabberd and although everything is working
> ok,but client connect server,server <error code='502'>Server Connect
> Timeout</error>help

First of all I want to propose using the latest version which is jabberd
1.4.4 (http://download.jabberd.org/jabberd14/)

And for you problem: I expect this is a usage error of you using your
Jabber client. If your server is configured to host "example.com" you
have to connect to "example.com". Neither "example" nor "localhost"
would work, even if the server is on the same machine. Also note, that
all Jabber addresses you are using have to be "fully qualified", even if
you send a message to user2 at example.com which is on the same server you
have to send it to "user2 at example.com", sending it to "user2" would not

Tot kijk

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