[jadmin] Archiving IM traffic.

Benjamin Podszun ben at galactic-tales.de
Fri Sep 1 09:17:03 CDT 2006

Tim Evans wrote:
> Renato Botelho schrieb:
>> jabberd14 (since version 1.4.4) has build-in support to log all messages 
>> to a MySQL or PostgreSQL table.
> I've just installed jabberd 2.0s11.  Don't see anything in the doc's or the 
> config files to turn on/off logging of all messages to the MySQL database. 
> How's this done?  Thanks.

jabberd14 and jabberd2 are completely different (unrelated, more or
less) projects. I don't know about specific features in jabberd2 that
allow that (since the line above is jabberd14 specific).

So if (no expert on that project here) jabberd2 doesn't support that
feature internally you could check for external components like
bandersnatch. Or switch to jabberd14, wildfire, you name it.


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