[jadmin] bandersnatch issues

Greg Groth ggroth at gregs-garage.com
Wed Sep 13 13:03:15 CDT 2006

I'm running ejabberd-1.1.1_2 on a FreeBSD 6.1 server with the pyaim 
transport.  I downloaded bandersnatch, configured it, and all seems 
well.  However, after some considerable time (12-24 hours) bandersnatch 
quits logging messages, although the process is still running when I 
check using ps-aux.  I can't find anything in the error logs to indicate 
any issue, and if I kill the process and start it again, all is well for 
12-24 hours.  Any ideas on what I could do to locate and solve this problem?

Barring that, what are my other options for getting a jabber server that 
logs conversations?  Although ejabberd was fairly simple to set up, I 
found the config files to be somewhat painful, and the generated logs to 
be confusing.  I've tried jabberd2, but the bandersnatch script for 
jabberd2 is currently broken.  I investigated Wildfire, but from what I 
read on various forums, the 3rd party plugin used for logging is broken 
for that as well.  When I first built this box, jabberd14 was deprecated 
from the FreeBSD ports due to security issues (I also assumed wrongly 
that jabberd2 and jabberd14 were one in the same, just different 
versions).  I see that jabberd14 has been fixed, and is once again in 
the ports system.  From the documentation though it appears that 
jabberd14 uses bandersnatch for logging functionality as well.  Does 
anyone know if the same config for bandersnatch that is used for 
jabberd2 is the same one as ejabberd14?  If so, then I would have the 
same issues with bandersnatch currently being broken.  Any thoughts on 
what I should do at this point?

I ask this simply because this project is at a beta stage at this point 
in time.  I like the configuration of ejabberd2 better than that of 
ejabberd - and logging as well, but ejabberd2 did not have the needed 
functionality of logging (at least a workable option).  I'm also not 
sure how up to date the documentation for the various servers is.  I'm 
open at this point to switching solutions entirely, if needed, to obtain 
the desired results.

Best regards,
Greg Groth

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