[jadmin] jabber-jit Problems

Mona Meyer meymona at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 18:42:51 CST 2007

I asked this before, but as the answers were to a different case, I
allow myself to ask again:

After overcoming several obstacles, i finally managed to get my own
jabber-Server up and runnig. After I wanted to create my own
ICQ-gateway, so I installed the jabber-jit package on Debian. After
reading README.Debian I modified the jabber.xml with this:

 <service id="icq">


 <service type="icq" jid="icq.localhost" name="ICQ Link">

Of course I changed "icq.localhost" to "icq.mydomain" as well in the
jabber.xml, as in jabber-jit.xml. After that I checked "icq.mydomain"
to be fully resolved by my DNS.

But when I now start jabber, it fails giving me no further information than:
/etc/init.d/jabber start
Starting jabberd: <Failed>

Is there any possbility to activate or improve the debug mode?

Thanks again for any help. I will repay by writing a howto for newbies
like me ;)

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