[jadmin] jabberd, Google Chat, dialback

S3 stein at ir.iit.edu
Wed Dec 12 07:42:04 CST 2007

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Hello, I am a newcomer to Jabber.
I have just installed jabberd-
on my Gentoo machine and want to be able
to talk to my friends who use Google Chat through it.

I can talk to jabber.org, but not Google Chat.
The problem seems to be with dialback.
(I tried ejabberd and have the same problem.)

Here is a section of the log (IPs and domains censored):

20071212T13:12:21: [warn] (s2s.scubed.homelinux.com): received stream error on
outgoing XMPP1.0 conn to (users.jabber.org/scubed.homelinux.com):
hostname is not hosted by the server
20071212T13:12:21: [notice] (users.jabber.org): bouncing a packet to
users.jabber.org from scubed at scubed.homelinux.com/pidgin: Failed to deliver
stanza to other server while sent out dialback request:
Connected (hostname is not hosted by the server)
20071212T13:13:55: [warn] (s2s.scubed.homelinux.com): Denying peer to use the
domain example.com. Dialback failed (timeout): <db:result
xmlns:db='jabber:server:dialback' to='example.com' from='scubed.homelinux.com'

I can't figure out why dialback won't work.
The machine is: scubed.homelinux.com
(Feel free to poke it a bit.)
Ports 5222 and 5269 are open.
What else do I need to get it to talk to Google?
Any ideas on why it won't connect?
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