[jadmin] Advertising xmpp (was: Web interface)

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Thu Jan 3 12:19:10 CST 2008

2008/1/3, Samuel Penn <sam at glendale.org.uk>:
> On Wednesday 02 January 2008 20:17:38 Thomas Charron wrote:
> >   'Web' is a laymans term for HTTP transporting HTML.  I'd personally
> > say that Jabber is also a laymans term for the use of the XMPP
> > protocol, and the use of XMPP servers.
> Very (very) vaguely related to this, how do people advertise their
> XMPP address? My signature (see below) mentions "IM (Jabber)", since
> I figure more people will know what that means than XMPP.
> In the past, I've used various combinations of IM, Jabber, GTalk
> and XMPP to identify that my email address is also an IM address,
> but is there a recommended way of identifying it as such?

There isn't and that sucks. It sucks that there is no good brand that
can be used to advertise your XMPP contact ID. The sooner this bug is
fixed, the better B-)

> I've
> never seen people like Google (do any other popular services use
> XMPP for public use?) actually identify their service as being
> XMPP outside of technical descriptions, so I doubt the term is
> widely recognised even by those who might use it. So though XMPP
> may be the technically correct term, is it an ideal one?
> Looking at recent emails on this list, I can only see one other
> person (Tomasz Sterna) who even mentions IM in their signature,
> and he lists it as XMPP.
> So, assuming you weren't worried about privacy, what terminology
> would people recommend?

The Add Contact dialog in Coccinella currently looks like this:
Chat system: <dropdown list>
Contact ID: <field>

The dropdown list contains Jabber (default), MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, and so forth.

If the XSF is not able to create a good brand (replacement) we'll
probably rename "Jabber" into "Normal" or something like that. Of
course this change in Coccinella will not contribute to XMPP branding
and we would like to avoid this. But if no good brand can be
established we have to do this as we want to make Coccinella as
userfriendly as possible ("Jabber" is not userfriendly as it is not a
well-known brand amongst grandmothers ;-) )

/me pings XSF people

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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