[jadmin] Advertising xmpp (was: Web interface)

Samuel Penn sam at glendale.org.uk
Fri Jan 4 02:49:47 CST 2008

On Thu, January 3, 2008 18:19, Sander Devrieze wrote:
> 2008/1/3, Samuel Penn <sam at glendale.org.uk>:
>> In the past, I've used various combinations of IM, Jabber, GTalk
>> and XMPP to identify that my email address is also an IM address,
>> but is there a recommended way of identifying it as such?

First off, thanks for all the replies. I do like having a
single identification that works for both email and IM
(and would like it even better if OpenID also used an
email-like format), but it means there's no information in my
address for people to guess than a simple IM: tag means

I do have more explanatory details buried on my website,
and unburying them a bit might be an idea.

> There isn't and that sucks. It sucks that there is no good brand that
> can be used to advertise your XMPP contact ID. The sooner this bug is
> fixed, the better B-)

Now to this particular point. Microsoft gained ground in the
IM space initially by bundling it with Windows and prompting
people to sign up on installation. Has anyone tried talking
to people like Ubuntu/RedHat etc to do something similar? The
Linux desktop market isn't large, but it's one where open IM
standards might be looked on favourably by the companies

I've never really used the Mac, so no idea if Apple have their
own standard.

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