[jadmin] trusted federation

Neil Stevens neil at hakubi.us
Thu Jan 17 19:53:43 CST 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> We heard the same arguments in October 2000 when we started enforcing 
> dialback.

Dialback doesn't place a burden on the admin to go out and kowtow to 
some arbitrary third party before being able to get online.  Dialback is 
just a software feature.  Big difference I think.

> Is is acceptable that we are sending communications in the clear over 
> s2s links?
> Would our network be even larger if we enforced s2s encryption, since 
> big XMPP deployments that are not currently federated would join the 
> network?
> I ask the questions. I don't say I have all the answers yet.

Well, throw my data point in the pile :-)

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