[jadmin] jabberd-2.2.12 release

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Fri Feb 11 13:10:38 CST 2011

This is the time of the year that next jabberd2 is released. :-)

Get 2.2.12 release as usual at:

and read: http://codex.xiaoka.com/svn/jabberd2/trunk/UPGRADE

This release brings ton of bugfixes.

    * Merged jabberd2-dns leak fix by cmeerw. Fixes Bug 713548.
    * Merged jabberd2-s2s-leak fix by cmeerw. Fixes Bug 713548.
    * Merged jabberd2-xhash by cmeerw. Fixes Bug 713546.
      Defer deleting nodes while iterating.
    * Merged fix_sm_crash.patch by Eugene Agafonov. Fixes Bug 712998.
    * Fixed router crash on component protocol error
    * Fixed logging related crash. Closes Bug #671421 and Bug #637294
    * Fixed 'XEP-0191 Blocking' unblocking users
    * Use displayName to populate published-roster name and fallback to cn.
      Fixes Bug #611774
    * Replace malloc+strncpy by strndup.
    * Merged cmeerw fix for dns resolver. Closes Bug #616472
    * Do not deliver messages to first connecting resource if it has negative
      priority. Fixes Bug 626850
    * Merged jabberd wrapper patch from rmax. Fixes Bug 627477
    * Fixed horrible outgoing S2S bug
    * Removed some disambiguation from <id/> attributes values
    * Fixed incorrect order of arguments in debug call

For a full ChangeLog see:

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