[JDEV] Welcome!

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Aug 3 11:11:06 CDT 1999

Welcome back again!

You should have all received a nice little welcome message from mailman
already, containing list instructions and your list password.  Let me know
if you have any problems or errors with the change to the new server and
mailman (a great peice of mailing list software, http://www.list.org/).

The jdev at jabber.org is the only list moved at the moment, cvs at jabber.org
is disabled until I get the new CVS repository working(permission
problems, grr).  There will be quite a few new lists created this week
also, you'll see an announcement later in the week about those.

The web site http://jabber.org/ is moved into CVS and I'm working on
updating it and the database behind it, it will probably move in the next
day or two.

By the end of the week we should have everything moved to the new server,
and can get back to our regularly scheduled coding and do some major
documentation updates.  Expect there to be a few bumps and other problems
in the process, but just let me know when you find errors or have problems
and I'll track em down!



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