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Ben Apple MacJunkie at TheMacJunkie.com
Wed Aug 4 10:04:03 CDT 1999

	I'm new to this list, as well as the whole idea of Jabber, but I'm
quite interested in it and I'd like to give my two cents' worth...

	In the 'buddy list' type window, there needs to be buttons new IM
windows, getting user profiles, signing off, and preferences. AIM now has a
search box built into the list, but I *never* use it and I don't think it's
necessary - but as a pop-up bar (click here and a search box pops up) it
would be more useful. Also, a "find a friend" feature like from ICQ would
be helpful.

	In the actual message window, there should be buttons for sending
the current message (of course), added the other person to your list,
getting their profile, blocking them, and file transfers. (if there will be
transfers... like I said, I'm new to this)

	When given a choice, some users prefer buttons and some menu
bars... I think it's a good idea to have the complete bunch in the menu
bars, and the more basic (and frequently used) duplicated on the list

Ben Apple

>  I was pondering this last night, and at this point I'd like to request
>people's opinions on GUI's.  Once we have CVS again, I will be checking in
>the new and for the most part working Win32 client, but this is the time
>for UI suggestions, so instead of running out on my own and trying to make
>what I like for a UI, I'd like to start a conversation regarding people
>'wish list' for a client..  Please, feeel free to fire anything away..
>Suggestions could be like:
>"Please, NO menu's, gimme lotsalotsa BUTTONS!!"
>"Minimize to task bar in Win32 = a MUST!!"
>"Be able to connected on demand, simular to the other Win32 IM clients"
>"I want a screensaver that shows my buddy list status!!"  (EEww!!)
>  Fire away.  I think that the other client developers would also want to
>chime in, and listen up..  If you don't mind donating a few IQ points to
>the effort, we can make this the perfect user client..
>Thomas Charron
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