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Tim Lesher timl at epix.net
Wed Aug 4 16:22:26 CDT 1999

OK... here's a short list.  Some of these are just for me, and are probably
not useful to the public at large, but I'll probably be using a hacked-up
version of the client anyway... <grin>

1.  Must minimize to task bar in Win32.
2.  Must give reasonable options on what to do on an incoming message (pop
up a window/flash a taskbar icon/send an "away" message/etc).  Ideally, this
should be configurable by which user sent the message, or which "buddy
group" the sender is in.  I probably want to see messages from my boss right
away, but I don't want messages from random acquaintances to interrupt work.
3.  Show status (online/offline/idle/away) right on the user list.  I use
AIM at work, and it's a real help to be able to see who's in, who's out,
who's out to lunch, who's busy and won't be able to respond for a while...)
4.  Kill the standard Window menu; use something that takes up less space,
like the ICQ button.  If there are extra gizmos like the AIM "Search the
Web" bar, allow the user to hide them.
5.  This is a little more out there, but skinnability a la WinAmp would
certainly attract a certain segment of the online crowd.

I'm sure I could think of a few more, but it's a start.

Tim Lesher
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>   I was pondering this last night, and at this point I'd like to request
people's opinions on GUI's.  Once we have CVS again, I will be checking in
the new and for the most part working Win32 client, but this is the time for
UI suggestions, so instead of running out on my own and trying to make what
I like for a UI, I'd like to start a conversation regarding people 'wish
list' for a client..  Please, feeel free to fire anything away..
Suggestions could be like:
> "Please, NO menu's, gimme lotsalotsa BUTTONS!!"
> "Minimize to task bar in Win32 = a MUST!!"
> "Be able to connected on demand, simular to the other Win32 IM clients"
> "I want a screensaver that shows my buddy list status!!"  (EEww!!)
>   Fire away.  I think that the other client developers would also want to
chime in, and listen up..  If you don't mind donating a few IQ points to the
effort, we can make this the perfect user client..
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