[JDEV] UI opinions..

Aaron Hamid arh14 at cornell.edu
Wed Aug 4 17:32:17 CDT 1999

Actually I would like seeing skinning *not* supported, just as a matter of 
resource conservation.  I really have no need to skin an IM.


P.S.  I just set up Eudora...I'm a Pine purist so flame me if stupid 
attachments got included behind my back.

At 05:22 PM 8/4/99 , you wrote:
>OK... here's a short list.  Some of these are just for me, and are probably
>not useful to the public at large, but I'll probably be using a hacked-up
>version of the client anyway... <grin>
>1.  Must minimize to task bar in Win32.
>2.  Must give reasonable options on what to do on an incoming message (pop
>up a window/flash a taskbar icon/send an "away" message/etc).  Ideally, this
>should be configurable by which user sent the message, or which "buddy
>group" the sender is in.  I probably want to see messages from my boss right
>away, but I don't want messages from random acquaintances to interrupt work.
>3.  Show status (online/offline/idle/away) right on the user list.  I use
>AIM at work, and it's a real help to be able to see who's in, who's out,
>who's out to lunch, who's busy and won't be able to respond for a while...)
>4.  Kill the standard Window menu; use something that takes up less space,
>like the ICQ button.  If there are extra gizmos like the AIM "Search the
>Web" bar, allow the user to hide them.
>5.  This is a little more out there, but skinnability a la WinAmp would
>certainly attract a certain segment of the online crowd.
>I'm sure I could think of a few more, but it's a start.
>Tim Lesher
>mailto:timl at epix.net

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