[JDEV] jabber.org moved to new server!

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Fri Aug 6 03:43:50 CDT 1999

Finally, the jabber.org web site has moved to the new server... It's not
all quite right yet, but it's a start.

Here's my plan:

Phase 1: This weekend continue testing and fixing problems, bugs, broken
links, errors, etc.  Also, add the rest of the teams and information for
existing efforts, and provide access to those that should be
administrating certain teams.

Phase 2: Early next week, start announcing the new teams and projects and
soliciting assistance for the teams.  Beef up the documentation for all of
the teams and Jabber in general, as well as post various proposals for
future directions and missing features.  Assist all of the teams in
getting the mailing list and CVS archives operational and in use.

Phase 3: Late next week/weekend, start implementing a framework for 0.7
and develop a plan for what needs to get done for that release as well as
a timetable for this fall.

I'm going to be gone for the next 48 hours, so if anything breaks please
email me and I'll fix it as soon as I return.  I'm also behind on email,
so you might get some replies to older messages when I get back and start
catching up.



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