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* Jeremie translated into ASCII [Fri, Aug 06, 1999 at 03:43:50AM -0500][<Pine.LNX.4.10.9908060331010.29630-100000 at lor.jeremie.com>]
> Finally, the jabber.org web site has moved to the new server... It's not
> all quite right yet, but it's a start.
> Here's my plan:
> Phase 1: This weekend continue testing and fixing problems, bugs, broken
> links, errors, etc.  Also, add the rest of the teams and information for
> existing efforts, and provide access to those that should be
> administrating certain teams.
> Phase 2: Early next week, start announcing the new teams and projects and
> soliciting assistance for the teams.  Beef up the documentation for all of
> the teams and Jabber in general, as well as post various proposals for
> future directions and missing features.  Assist all of the teams in
> getting the mailing list and CVS archives operational and in use.
> Phase 3: Late next week/weekend, start implementing a framework for 0.7
> and develop a plan for what needs to get done for that release as well as
> a timetable for this fall.
> I'm going to be gone for the next 48 hours, so if anything breaks please
> email me and I'll fix it as soon as I return.  I'm also behind on email,
> so you might get some replies to older messages when I get back and start
> catching up.
> Thanks!
> Jer
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