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Thomas D. Charron tcharron at my-deja.com
Fri Aug 6 10:31:13 CDT 1999

  Not to dig this up all again, but no matter HOW we end up doing it, at least it looks like expat can handle many different charsets..  We aren't at a point now to deal with it, as there is still much to be done with the basic functionality of Jabber in and of itself..  Most of it IS small stuff, but until it's all there, let's stick with how it is right now..  Anyway, this is a readme from the XML::Parser perl module:

This directory contains binary encoding maps for some selected encodings.
If they are placed in a directoy listed in @XML::Parser::Expat::Encoding_Path,
then they are automaticly loaded by the XML::Parser::Expat::load_encoding
function as needed. Otherwise you may load what you need directly by
explicity calling this function.

These maps were generated by a perl script that comes with the module
XML::Encoding, compile_encoding, from XML formatted encoding maps that
are distributed with that module. These XML encoding maps were generated
in turn with a different script, domap, from mapping information contained
on the Unicode version 2.0 CD-ROM. This CD-ROM comes with the Unicode
Standard reference manual and can be ordered from the Unicode Consortium
at http://www.unicode.org. The identical information is available on the
internet at ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS.

See the encoding.h header in the Expat sub-directory for a description of
the structure of these files.

Clark Cooper
December 12, 1998


Contributed maps

This distribution contains four contributed encodings from MURATA Makoto
<murata at apsdc.ksp.fujixerox.co.jp> that are variations on the encoding
commonly called Shift_JIS:

x-sjis-unicode.enc	(This is the same encoding as the shift_jis.enc that
			 was distributed with this module in version 2.17)

Please read his message (Japanese_Encodings.msg) about why these are here
and why I've removed the shift_jis.enc encoding.

We also have two contributed encodings that are variations of the EUC-JP
encoding from Yoshida Masato <yoshidam at inse.co.jp>:


The comments that MURATA Makoto made in his message apply to these
encodings too.

KangChan Lee <dolphin at comeng.chungnam.ac.kr> supplied the euc-kr encoding.

Clark Cooper
December 26, 1998

Thomas Charron

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