[JDEV] My evil plans for a client.

Seth Hartbecke gandalf at netins.net
Fri Aug 6 17:29:52 CDT 1999


Here I am...trying to write simple KDE client.  My original thoughts were 
client needs to be able to send and receive messages and have a roster
list.  Someday expand to file transfers.

THEN I start reading about this international stuff.  I know zilch about how
to do that...but I suppose I can/should get that in....after the file transfer

Now we are talking scripted interfaces, skins, mime....I barley know how to
write my simple client described in the first paragraph (that is all
that is required the jabber protocol to be a client). My question is for
people thinking of using mime, what about simple clients like mine that may not
have MIME support?  Will this eventually be something stored in my profile on
the server: "User does not like MIME, HTML, nothing...just plain text messages."

But MIME would be cool, may also have to figure that out.  Still what do I do
when I am downloading my 600k file from a friend...this does take some time and
I don't want my only connection to the server blocked by a message transfer. 
Am I supposed to open another connection to the server?  It would also be nice
if the server could tell me in advance the size of such files so I can display a
pretty dialog with a status bar.  I am thinking that file transfers need to be
implemented differently than MIME inside the <SAY> tag.

I don't think skins are appropriate for KDE/GNOME clients (that should be
controlled by the theme...after all consistency in look and feel was one of the
major points for these projects) but Mac/Windows people who do not have the
theme flexibility of GNOME or KDE may want such things.

Scripting...guess it would be nice.  I know that I am not smart enough to write
that into my client.

Instant Email...here we come...

Until then I have a roster list to write.

On Fri, 06 Aug 1999, you wrote:
> >%_Because I love the sound of a crossplatform, clean Jabber client... I've
> started prototyping one. =D I hope to have all the fun features and love
> that everyone feels a need for. Plus, I'll end up killing all you suckas
> once I get running. ;) wxWindows is good.
> But back into reality, I'd love to make another suggestion for client fun.
> MIME support! Messages encoded in MIME (and the clients have a rudimentery
> (sp?) mailcap) could allow for a whole new world of kick-ass messenging. Why
> send text when I can send an encoded mp3? (ed. Let's hope we're all on cable
> modems or better.) I want to send my breakup message with a little "I will
> survive" MIDI attached. You can see where I'm going with this...
> As for my 3l1t3 soon be started client... keep looking for it.
> Scott.

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