[JDEV] Madness / Etiquette

Eliot Landrum eliot at landrum.cx
Sat Aug 7 01:04:41 CDT 1999

(Please excuse me for using Outlook Express, I'm on vacation and I don't
have access to my Linux box)

Along with Patrick McCuller's cry for lower volume, I have a small request
to make. Can more people on the list start snipping more from replies? I
have always been conscience about things like that and all of the repeated
messages is a little annoying. I assumed that cutting most of the original
message out of a reply was general Internet Etiquette, but I guess that
isn't followed much anymore. Anyway.. all I ask is that you be wary of how
much of the original message is necessary for your reply.


Eliot Landrum
eliot at landrum.cx

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