[JDEV] The scripting-language mess

Allen Short washort at ghostwheel.dhis.org
Sat Aug 7 02:32:00 CDT 1999

Having watched discussion for and against various scripting languages pass
around, I begin to wonder - Why do we have to choose? SWIG, the Simplified
Wrapper and Interface Generator, allows you to write an interface to the C
functions you want your scripts to call, and automatically generate Guile,
Perl, Python, or Tcl/Tk modules or libraries, with no modification to your
code. (Eiffel and Java backends are in development.) Although this doesn't
address the issue of ECMAScript, it seems to be the easiest way to address
the issue, neither allowing only a single language, nor having to produce
a wad of hacks in a vain attempt to support multiple scripting languages.

Allen Short

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