[JDEV] Client scriping language

Vivre Draco cfc at paganpaths.org
Sat Aug 7 14:14:15 CDT 1999

On 6 Aug 99,, Scott Robinson sounded off on Re: [JDEV] Client scriping language:

> Hmm. I sorta discounted creating a new scripting language because
> it a) would be reinventing the wheel and b) it would only add to
> confusion. If we use a already known language, it allows others to
> convert quicker. 

   I would tend to agree with you. However, there are already a 
million IM clients/protocols out there; one could easily argue that 
creating Jabber is "reinventing the wheel." However, we're all still 
here anywayz, not just because we believe we can create a better 
wheel, but because we believe the wheels already out there are 
seriously flawed. I'm no expert on scripting languages, but if your 
last message which came to the conclusion of supporting Python and 
ECMAScript because they're the "least of the evils" was at all 
accurate, the same thing seems to apply to scripting languages.

   I still vote for mIRC script ;)

"A witty saying proves nothing." 

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