[JDEV] The Future of Jabber?

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Sat Aug 7 18:52:13 CDT 1999

We just moved to our new swerver, so we're having reorganization problems. I
_believe_ we a basic AIM JabberTransport running. I don't know about ICQ and
Yahoo. Our CVS is (supposedly, I haven't had any problems) wacked, but soon
you'll be able to download our base code and start screwing around with
Jabber. A Hotmail transport would be wonderful... but as many chat
systems/semi chat systems as possible would be best! Jabber must control


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> I have been poking around on the main jabber web page and looks like it
> changes around quite a bit. What is the status of the various segments of
> this project? I was working a pure java application that interfaced aim.icq
> & yahoo seemlessly until I stumbled upon this and was a little disappointed
> that my idea wasn't so original after all. If there are transports that need
> help, or ones that haven't even begun (I take it the hotmail transport is
> one) I would like to sign on
> and assist. Please get back to me with some information as soon as someone
> has the chance to do so. Thanks.
> (I think I'll just leave my old project as an ICQ client web applet)
> - Eric
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