[JDEV] Oops! (Re: SWIG and client scripting)

Allen Short washort at ghostwheel.dhis.org
Sat Aug 7 10:40:16 CDT 1999

I neglected to mention that SWIG is available at http://www.swig.org/
and the README says that it is "completely free and non-proprietary".
I don't know if the license is GPL compatible but that shouldn't be a
problem since one would only need files created by SWIG and not files
that are part of the SWIG distribution, just as gcc-compiled binaries
are not affected by the GPLed status of gcc and its related tool set.
BTW, my apologies for not replying to the scripting thread - DHIS has
broken again and I can't get my mail; I am reading the archived list.
Allen Short

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