[JDEV] My evil plans for a client.

Thomas D. Charron tcharron at my-deja.com
Mon Aug 9 08:52:33 CDT 1999

>Here I am...trying to write simple KDE client.  My original thoughts were 
>client needs to be able to send and receive messages and have a roster
>list.  Someday expand to file transfers.

  I'd HIGHLY recomend KDeveloper..  One of the best IDE's I've seen in a while for *nix..

>THEN I start reading about this international stuff.  I know zilch about how
>to do that...but I suppose I can/should get that in....after the file transfer

  I believe that KDE as far as a UI aspect has this built in..

>Now we are talking scripted interfaces, skins, mime....I barley know how to
>write my simple client described in the first paragraph (that is all
>that is required the jabber protocol to be a client). My question is for
>people thinking of using mime, what about simple clients like mine that may not
>have MIME support?  Will this eventually be something stored in my profile on
>the server: "User does not like MIME, HTML, nothing...just plain text messages."

  The goal of client negotioation..

>But MIME would be cool, may also have to figure that out.  Still what do I do
>when I am downloading my 600k file from a friend...this does take some time and
>I don't want my only connection to the server blocked by a message transfer. 

  Other implentations of file transfers will not block the connection..  The best of which we had planned would be to use HTTP to transfer files on a seperate port, aka, a negotionation that says 'Get the file from this URL', this would also allow a client to reject a message if they don't want it..  MIME would be another way, but I'd have to say we'd have to have an option specifying a file size threshold..

>I don't think skins are appropriate for KDE/GNOME clients (that should be
>controlled by the theme...after all consistency in look and feel was one of the
>major points for these projects) but Mac/Windows people who do not have the
>theme flexibility of GNOME or KDE may want such things.

  Yep..  anything Qt/GTK based already has skin support automagically..

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