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Mon Aug 9 11:35:55 CDT 1999

  Not really..  Low level XML parsing is fairly easy to do..  Technically so is MIME, but the issue IMHO is NOT if to use MIME, but how to allow for offline message storage, and still allow limitations to be placed on it..  And all this will rely on feature/settings negotiations..

  And while I'm on that topic, client-to-client transfers suffer one minor problems..  What happens when a client starts a client-to-client conneciton, and then throttles them with data..  The servers can filter out this and act accordingly, a 28.8 user can, well, disconnect..

Thomas Charron

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 11:27:08    arh14 wrote:
>Waitasec...if "simple" clients have to parse XML, that is 
>already significantly more complex and resource intensive than supporting 
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