[JDEV] Web Team

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Aug 9 13:00:12 CDT 1999

(note: I'll be posting updates to various individual teams throughout the


This is the team responsible for various aspects of the jabber.org site
and any graphics(ads, buttons, logos, etc) for Jabber.  This team can also
create sets of icons for clients to use and assist with designs for any
web-based clients.

If you are interested in helping and have any talent with graphics
whatsoever, or know anyone who is a graphics-wiz, please check out the
site and join the mailing list web-dev at jabber.org here:
Join the team via your Jabber Developer account and I can also provide CVS
access to upload any test designs or graphics.

If you are REALLY interested, you can become an administrator for this
team and help lead some of the team efforts and manage resources.  Simply
email me asking to become an administrator and what your intentions are.



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