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arh14 at cornell.edu arh14 at cornell.edu
Mon Aug 9 14:08:31 CDT 1999

Ahh...a practical use for CTSP/CTCP transparency I was talking about :)

If entities are all treated the same (same basic Jabber protocol), it 
would be very simple for people to set up their own meta-lists with 
routing and forwarding, etc.

Hmm...abstracting this, then each client could have a set of "lists", 
which would each have a list of users.  Some lists would be "private" 
(personal buddy list?, family list?), some could be "public", like a user 
group, which was viewable and messagable by everybody.


On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Thomas D. Charron wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 14:49:03    Paul L. McNeely wrote:
> >Active list is a small server that people run on their system that you can
> >create interest groups with, sort of like the little #group things they were
> >doing for a while but better, when you are subscribe to an active list, lets
> >say Visul Basic for example, you can clikc on that active list and see all
> >the usesrs connected to it, it maintains a seperate contact listing. You can
> >do things like send broadcast messages and it has a built in news system for
> >each list. It also had MOTD and a few other nifty gadgets.
>   This is something I would eventually like to see someone do with jabber after a while..  It is DEFINATLY a good idea..  Most likely this would be one of the 'metaservers' functionality..  Not for a bit, that's for sure..
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> Thomas Charron

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