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Mon Aug 9 14:20:54 CDT 1999

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>   To start, this is a REALLY good post..  Albeit a bit long..
	Please forgive me. The more frustrated I get, the more I write... :)

> >Client A: Hi, I want to send you a binary file.
> >Client B: OK, how about HTTP?
> >Client A: Alright. Pick up the file at
> >
>   Almost EXACTLY the example used several months ago..
	That was my intention (I didn't check the originals, though, perhaps I
should have). I hope no one's gotten the impression that I'm touting this as
my idea or anything. It isn't. It does feel right.

> >Client A: I want to send you a JPG image.
> >Client B: Don't. I am a toaster.

	I know it isn't cool to laugh at your own jokes, but this one got me too.

>   Yet another feature negotiation example..  Same would be:
> Client A: I want to send you a file.  I prefer MIME encoding via
> Jabber stream.
> Client B: Unsupported in this client.  I prefer HTTP download..
> Client A: Unsupported in this client.  My secondary preference is
> UUENCODE Jabber stream.
> Client B: Can do, here comes, conversation ID: 17826482
>   This case would assume it was a file transfer, and not some
> stream or anything..

	This is a great example.

	Naturally, clients should avoid sending large things through the jabber
network - for lots of reasons. Possibly one of the most important being that
servers are likely to put an upper limit on the length of messages they will
accept.  :)


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