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Thomas D. Charron tcharron at my-deja.com
Mon Aug 9 16:33:24 CDT 1999

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 22:53:46    disq wrote:
>On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 arh14 at cornell.edu wrote:
>well, MIME can be converted to XML, no? why write extra code for MIME?
>just embed MIME data in <ext> tags, the main message in <text> tags, and
>you're done. :} (k.i.s.s.)
>hmm, also: "Fools ignore complexity.  Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid
>it. Geniuses remove it."

  Good point..  I need to look more into MIME and see
how it could be implemented within XML..
Thomas Charron

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