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Thomas D. Charron tcharron at my-deja.com
Mon Aug 9 17:01:47 CDT 1999

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 17:07:54    Aaron Brady (insomnike) wrote:

  I tried to trim it, but it's such a large amount of data, see the end..

>KDE/GNOME/JNix could load an .so with dlopen()
>Win32 could load a .dll with ObscureCallW()
>TCL/TK could load a .so via an additional TCL extension 'bridge'
>I've a feeling PERL can but I don't know
>Java - JNI? No idea
>int som_crypted_handler(JMsg *incoming);
> void on_module_load(void) {
>  jab_add_ext_handler('som_crypto', som_crypted_handler);
> }
>For example, I create a plugin for my GTK+ client that can tell what
>track XMMS(x11amp) is playing, and sends it in an <ext> tag marked
>'mp3-playing'. If I add this to my client's codebase, I can send the diffs
>to my Unix bretheren, and perhaps to TCharon, to add into the standard
>distro. This presents the problems of a) bloat in the client, and b)
>no support in the KDE client, or zABBER et al.
>If I can however, write this as a module (or in a scripting language)
>then I can distro it, and Win32 people etc can all use it aswell, without me
>having to write a seperate version for them.

  I like it, and yes, I can build the ability to DLL
call with hooks into the Win32 client, I will be honest..
  I've never done it before..  I KNOW HOW, I've just never
had a need for this type of system..  Now, as far as cross
platform is concerned, you'd have to try really, REALLY
hard, but if some of the other developers on other
clients can agree, I'm all for trying..

>All a blur. Sorry. Make sense if you can find it.

  It does all make sense, but the part about the cell phone confuses me..  transports can do all this already..  I THINK I see your meaning, aka, have plugins send the messages THRU your client, instead of using a client connection in and of themselves..

Thomas Charron

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